YACHT AND AUTOMATIC DOORS: elegance, design, safety and comfort

Our entry in the yacht shipbuilding industry is new, but already good deep rooted. We have been able to satisfy successfully even the most particular and peculiar request, typical in this sector.

So we have combined the material quality of the cruise shipbuilding (strength, stress resistence of sea climate and use, and so on) with the elegance and the design typical in the yacht shipbuilding.

Our last works have been the sliding doors with LCD glasses to give to the customer a climate and technical comfort; ad hoc opening and closing systems as the new optical scan keys, proximity readers, remote controllers, digital alphanumeric panels, badge readers and any other personalized device.

As well we are proud to make you know we have set the first key impossible to loose: our doors can be equipped with an optical fingerprints reader. A big technology once disposable only for few people, but now, thanks to our continuous engagement in the search of new devices to satisfy any request, is finally available